Success Story / University of Konstanz / Workshop order

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In the workshops of the Konstanz University of Applied Sciences (HTWG) not only laboratory tests, study works and ideas for theses are implemented, also childhood dreams in scale 1: 1 can come true! Until a floating snowmobile will be launched or a race car leaves the pits, countless workshop orders have to be processed. The workflow management system JobRouter® transformed the workshop order in a digital process.

No high flyer: old workshop order in paper form

The mechanical workshop of workshop manager Jürgen Romer is a paradise for scientists and future engineers: In addition to modern CNC machines, everything an inventor would like is available in fields of mechanics, precision engineering and metalworking. Especially when the Formula Student is starting, the hearts of students, professors and employees are beating faster. Time will tell whether the annual especially constructed and self-built racing car brings the student racing team of HTWG to the winners' podium. The workshops have a supportive role with their expertise; several important components are manufactured there.

The Library of HTWG Konstanz was positioned as the best German four- star university library (library index “BIX”) for the seventh time.

Success Story / University of Konstanz / Workshop order

Long before the start of the race, even before the first metal part is machined, a proper workshop order must be submitted. In the more than 100-year history of HTWG this happens quite traditionally in paper form- this is no longer appropriate for a university that is continuously being developed and is honored for their progressiveness repeatedly.

Public service

Each workshop form goes through many stations, such as mailboxes, hands and folders until it is filled out correctly and the necessary drawings and data are attached. After all, the workshop manager Romer is using a Microsoft Access database for entering all application data for his eight-man engineering workshop for years. "The old form, including the material list and time sheet, caused the technical manager and workshop managers increased expenses," says Jürgen Romer.

"For the choice of suitable software we relied on the local JobRouter partner," says Ludger Belke, Head of Information and Communication (ICT). "After a short time our Chancellor [Note: HTWG] indicated that our requirements of an appropriate software are met with the workflow management system JobRouter®." With Romer's database as a key for the functional specifications, a fast development of JobRouter® prototypes was made and the university requirements were met right away. After a half-day workshop the HTWG’s started the first testing phase.

"In the future, I expect faster runs and shorter test periods because no request remains unclear. Also scheduling home repairs at short notice can now be easily requested. This is a great advantage for the building maintenance and security on campus. For me as a workshop manager and for my colleagues in the wood and electrical workshop, the administrative expenses will be highly reduced. "

Quote Jürgen Romer, workshop manager Mechanical workshop HTWG

2 x 4 h + 1 TR = 100 percent workflow

The results from the first trial run (TR) will be integrated in JobRouter® on the second four-hour workshop day, for example the typical financial structure for universities with chapter- titles- cost center functionality to ensure a better evaluation options of incoming workshop orders. For Romer it is a blessing, because "there was often information missing in the cost center system". ICT manager Belke realized that the modifications with JobRouter® " are easy to control and changes can be made independently." According to Belke, no changes were required after the second trial run. The workflow worked one hundred percent at all 15 went through standard procedures. In retrospect Belke compares the development process with an "efficient rapid prototyping, which keeps the service costs commendable down."

Success Story / University of Konstanz / Workshop order

A highlight: the electronic query button

The first electronic workflow simplifies and accelerates numerous processes in the workshops of the University of Konstanz. "The query button is a major highlight. In each processing step, I can enquire electronically,” according to Belke. The possibility of evaluating any random data field, reporting and internal management in the future "will have excellent figures."

Workshop manager Romer appreciates the better ways of evaluating current orders. The quality of the application increases significantly; also because of the documents attached to the order. CAD drawings can be easily uploaded, attached and viewed by the respective parties.

"For me as an ICT manager JobRouter® is a success. In 29 other systems that we use, we will have a small effort in maintaining JobRouter®. Thanks to the good cooperation with the partners we have solved a problem with JobRouter® on which we have worked for many years. I will recommend the workflow management system to colleagues at other universities as a current technology with good functionality. "

Quote Ludger Belke, Head of Information and Communication HTWG

At the end: everything is really easy

JobRouter® will be used as a new tool in the workshops of HTWG, starting in the winter semester 2015/2016. ICT manager Belke has no doubt that around 100 professors and employees will accept the electronic solution quickly. "The color scheme and the required fields used by the JobRouter® mask are self-explanatory. There is a lot more space for the order description. In addition, professors can easily designate students as a contact."

Questions will be reduced to a minimum. The old form may be used for crafting paper airplanes, where working on thermals, aerodynamics and reach is allowed- according to the Constance engineers’ tradition.

The advantages of the workshop order with JobRouter® at a glance

  1. enables a small, consistent, easy to use process
  2. can be adapted to standards of the public service individually
  3. considered chapter- titles- cost center functionality
  4. reduces throughput times, paper consumption, administrative expenses
  5. central access by stakeholders
  6. allows escalation levels, e.g. proxy alert
  7. supports Controlling by evaluating each process step
  8. can be integrated seamlessly into existing, heterogeneous system landscape
  9. allows evaluation reports for benefit analysis
Success Story / University of Konstanz / Workshop order

Project Details

Customer: University of Konstanz
Sector: State University
Employees: 430 employees
Processes: 500 processes / year
Database: Microsoft SQL Server
Special features: access to Intranet, Windows, Apple and Linux operating systems
Project duration: 5 days (1 day workshop, 4 days implementation)
Running processes: workshop order
Running modules: JobSub, JobSelect, JobTable
Short profile of University Konstanz

Logo Hochschule KonstanzThe roots of the University Konstanz (HTWG) are going back to 1906, founded as private educational institution technical center Konstanz. After the nationalization in 1934 and a brief closure in 1945, the conversion to the Fachhochschule Konstanz in 1971 took place. The Ausländerstudienkolleg was opened 1983. The University of Konstanz is a member of its initiated network the International Lake Constance University. The network allows students from the bordering countries of Lake Constance to study and teach transnational and cross-institutional. Moreover HTWG maintains partnerships with universities around the world. A total of 34 bachelor's degrees and master's degrees can be acquired at six faculties of HTWG: Architecture and Communication Design, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Applied Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Business Administration and Business Law. The HTWG was awarded for the best German four-star university library (library index “BIX”) and as the best university in terms of training (Trustees for German Science 2004), among other things. In the winter semester 2015/2016 the number of registered students reached the first target level of 5,000 students.

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