Success Story / MSG eG / Reading invoice with JobMind Head

Going with the flow

It only took two months until the largest Bavarian inland navigation company, MSG eG, was able to process incoming invoices electronically. Since the beginning of 2015, the workflow management system JobRouter® is on board as part of the regular routine of the accounting department and has transformed the invoice handling into a slim process. This also helps making use of early payment discounts.

No tear is shed by Kerstin Brück for the good old times of booking stamps and account sheets. The IT administrator and qualified accountant is a professed JobRouter® fan. At the end of October 2014, together with a project team made from department heads and a local distribution partner of the JobRouter AG, she developed a test configuration in only four days. "I thought we would have more problems. But already during the test you get that feeling: It works! The result fit to nearly 100 percent."

Getting to the bottom of the procedure

That the two-week trial in early November was such a success can be attributed to the good preparation of the navigation specialists. The project team of Brück compiled a detailed assessment, including, for example, the departments and categories, furthermore the flows of incoming or outgoing receipts, responsibilities, validation rules and interfaces to the ERP system and the dispatching software. First and foremost, the familiar mail folders were to be depicted electronically, to ensure that the invoices from the main business, the inland navigation, and the secondary businesses dockyard and bunker service reach the right departments.

Success Story / MSG eG / Reading invoice with JobMind Head

The members have highest priority

The prioritizing of members' invoices coming through had to be ensured. The cooperative not only provides freight contracts and planning security to its members. Beyond that, it simplifies their life on the water by collecting, booking and paying their invoices and providing them with a monthly statement.  Based on the earlier preparations, the test was up and running, from receiving the invoice to the verification if they are factually and arithmetically correct to the final scrutiny.

„I am a total JobRouter® fan!"

„I work with both accounting and IT, therefore I was already delighted during the test configuration. Now that I see how simple and structured everything runs, I can only recommend JobRouter®. Participating in developing such a system is fun. It allowed me to do much myself, create fields and I can always intervene. The workflow system JobRouter® is self-explanatory. Colleagues from all departments provide me with good feedback. My advice: Give it a try! I cannot think of a reason that speaks against it.“

Quote Kerstin Brück, IT administrator for MSG eG

New at the helm: The header data recognition of JobMind Head

Brück was surprised that not every department was in need of a separate workflow. Already after the first day, there was a "framework that looks reasonable". Compared to a ship's sonar, the electronic locating of receipts is quite simple: A barcode is put on every invoice before it is processed by a scanner connected to the local network. The barcode activates the JobMind Head module that then automatically reads the header data of the invoice and ships the recognized data to a JobRouter® process.

The invoice number, the date, the sums and taxes of more than 95% of German-language invoices are recognized and are now available centrally in the system and can be processed with booking forms. For invoices from the Netherlands or Belgium, 80% of the header data is still recognized correctly. JobRouter® fishes the matching creditor from accounting and displays the payment agreement as well.

Success Story / MSG eG / Reading invoice with JobMind Head

Cast off to the final configuration

Already during the first test, users were brought on board, questions answered and suggestions included. Archiving all accruing receipts worked straightaway as well. JobRouter® transports all data and documents to the end of the line, the harbor called JobArchive, where they can be stored audit-proof. At the end of November, the processes were set to their final course. Permission groups were established in JobArchive. This allows every group to have their own digital storage space and unauthorized access is blocked. In-house invoice numbers are now used electronically as internal coordinates for navigation and to filter. A separate info area was created for the management of the cooperative.

Within two months everything runs on schedule

Since JobRouter® is on board, early payment discounts can be regularly used. "That was problematic previously as time was lost on the mailing route between the dockyard in Dorfprozelten and the headquarters in Würzburg," remembers Brück. This stress can now be avoided. The source systems, that already generate the expected incoming invoices during the freight transaction, are now imported into the dispatching software via JobRouter®. After being processed, JobRouter® retrieves the records and delivers them to accounting.

The advantages of incoming invoice processing with JobRouter®

  1. Ideal for a central automated incoming invoice recognition and matching
  2. Processes data from email invoices and scanned invoices
  3. Reads header data automatically - Date, invoice number, sum, tax, currency
  4. Integrates creditor recognition: reads supplier master data and provides it in forms
  5. Allows indexing, tagging and archiving together with JobArchive

Praise for a super workflow

"I like working like that," praises Kerstin Brück. To make it easier for the colleagues, fields were labelled with familiar terms. She designed the user training geared towards activities, complemented by hardcopies. The keyword search is a popular process as well. Another advantage is displaying the history log that can be used to retrace when which steps were processed by whom. The PDF is attached to the archiving log.

"It is insane what the interface of JobRouter® provides," appreciates the IT administrator. The workflow management system is linked to the ERP system and matches the goods receipts to the invoices, for example the fuel for the bunker or the materials for the dockyard. Displayed is the sum per goods receipt and what was processed. "The transparency is much higher and we have a significantly better controlling. If we receive a call or have to verify a warning, we can at any time see the status of an invoice or retrieve the data instantly from the archive. You just have everything you need," she summarizes.

Success Story / MSG eG / Reading invoice with JobMind Head

Project details

Customer: MSG eG, Würzburg
Sector: Inland navigation
Employees: 82 Employees
Instances: 150 instances / day
Database: MS SQL
Characteristics: ERP software SAGE, sector software ISS
Project duration: 2 months, from the JobRouter® test drive to the productive process
Employed processes: Electronic invoice reception, electronic archive
Used modules: JobStart, JobMind Head, JobArchive
Short profile MSG eG

Logo MSG eGThe Mainschiffahrts-Genossenschaft – MSG eG - is the largest inland navigation company of Bavaria. Since the foundation in 1916, the headquarters of the transport company are located in Würzburg. The fleet of more than 70 inland navigation vessels is formed from the ships of its members (independent owner-boatmen) and MSG owned ships. MSG is specialized on the transport of dry cargo (e.g. iron ore, heavy goods, animal feed) on the European waterways Rhine, Main and Danube including many subsidiary waterways. The shipping routes include Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. MSG maintains its own dockyard in the Lower Franconian Dorfprozelten am Main. Their service portfolio also includes storage and transshipment services and activities as freighting agent and provider of bunker services. Bunker services are the supply of the necessary operating materials, technical equipment, refueling and consumer goods to the ships and their crews. The ships are refueled stationary at the bunker station in Würzburg or by a company-owned bunker boat while the ships are en route. Multiple subsidiaries and associated companies are part of the shipping and port handling sector between Rotterdam and Vienna.

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