The JobRouter module JobTimer

Keeping an eye on deadlines!

Icon des JobRouter-Moduls JobTimerThe JobTimer escalation module allows to set completion times in JobRouter and define actions related to those deadlines. Those deadlines can be defined on a process as well as a step level in minutes, hours or days.

Every user sees the date until when a step has to be processed in his inboxes. If the deadline is missed, the step will be marked in color. The missed deadlines are also marked in the overviews of the process owners.

In addition to the graphical depiction of missed deadlines, additional escalation actions can be set. Those actions can send email messages or directly assign the step to another user or JobFunction. The email texts can be individually customized. In the JobRouter Enterprise Version, texts can also be translated.

Instances that are already overdue are marked in color here.

JobTimer offers the following features:

  1. Setting deadlines on process as well as step level
  2. Missed deadlines are highlighted in color
  3. Missed deadlines can cause actions, e.g. send an email message
  4. Customized notifications possible
  5. The JobRouter Enterprise Edition allows translating notification messages into other languages

JobRouter® is a flexible and independent platform for the digital enterprise transformation and helps to digitize and automate any business processes, data or documents. Due to its multitude of agile interfaces, JobRouter® can easily be integrated into any system environment and supports both document-based and data-driven processes. On top of that, JobRouter® works entirely web-based and is available as On-Premise or cloud solution. It is therefore able to map, manage and monitor processes across all subsidiaries and locations. The JobRouter® platform can also be extended via additional modules, as soon as the business structure changes or further processes and application come along. Finally, those module settings aren’t lost during a change of version and can be used afterwards without any adjustments.

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