The JobRouter module JobSub

Substitute management at the touch of a button!

Icon des JobRouter-Moduls JobSucJobSub allows JobRouter users to choose substitutes for their times of absence. These substitutes see an additional inbox where the now assigned steps can be accessed while the substitution is active.

When defining substitutes, you can differentiate between personal and JobFunction substitutes. This ensures that during times of absence, tasks will be always forwarded to the right substitute of the respective JobFunction.

Every user can define his substitutes himself. Administrators with the respective rights can also define substitutes. In addition, specific users inside the organization can receive the right to activate the substitution. This can be used in case of an unplanned absence of an employee to activate the substitution. The user himself stays in control over who his substitutes are by maintaining his substitution rules. The users can be reminded to set their substitutes during every login via a simple JobRouter configuration to ensure that substitution has to only be activated in case of an unplanned absence.

Naturally, JobRouter logs if a step was processed by a substitute instead of the standard user. This way the instance history can be used to always see who the step was originally assigned to and who really processed it as substitute. Substitute as well as the user substituted for will find the processed step in their completed box.

The user can set his substitutes and activate or deactivate the substitution via this menu.

JobSub offers the following features:

  1. Differentiation between personal and JobFunction substitutes
  2. Users define their own substitute and manage their substitution rules themselves
  3. Rights can also be transferred to other users
  4. Reminder function for managing own substitutes
  5. Users and substitutes both receive the to be processed steps
  6. Logging the instance history
Module: JobSub

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