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The module JobMail Connect allows archiving emails by integrating JobRouter archives into Microsoft Exchange and Outlook versions from 2010 on. You can archive your business relevant emails directly from the email client to unburden your email system and to create a central depository in the document pool. Your archived documents are stored audit-proof, are archived long-term and can be retrieved by you any time.


Individual emails and/or attachments are archived directly from the mail client in either the long time format (PDF) or the ordinary Outlook format (MSG). Archived mails can be searched via JobArchive or alternatively directly in the mail client. Optionally, emails can be marked as archived or cleaned up. The non-storage-intensive mail text can be kept in the client.

Already archived documents are recognized by JobMail Connect, storing them a second time is avoided!

Individual storage masks that allow for manually entering index data can be set-up as well, which allows, e.g., putting the entry into the context of an order, project or task. Using the simple dialog-based index assignment, you assign any kind of header information to the archive fields. Presetting fixed fields as well as expanding the index data via SQL queries offer possibilities to select and add index data from external sources. When used properly, JobMail Connect meets the legal requirements on storing tax-relevant digital data and is also conforming to regulations such as Basel II, Sarbanes-Oxley (SO) or IFRS.


  1. Full integration into the Outlook Mail client
  2. Archiving in PDF or genuine MSG format
  3. Expanding index data by fixed values and individual storage masks
  4. Optional SQL queries to expand the index
  5. Marking and clean-up of emails
  6. Integrated online update and automatic configuration distribution via email
  7. Archiving and retrieving directly from Outlook
  8. Outlook 2010 fully supported
Interface JobMail Connect

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