The JobArchive Link SAP JobRouter Module

Linking of documents from JobArchive with SAP™

ArchiveLink is an interface which is integrated in SAP for the linking of DMS systems. ArchiveLink links archived documents with the application documents created in the SAP system.

The JobArchive Link SAP module is the interface between the JobRouter® archive and the SAP application. Due to the linking of the contents, straightforward access to the archived documents is guaranteed on a permanent basis.

In this way, the JobArchive Link Sap supports the archiving of documents via the ArchiveLink interface for incoming and outgoing documents. Through the use of JobArchiveLink SAP in combination with JobArchive, you can implement the compliance-oriented storage of your documents.

A typical deployment scenario of JobArchive Link SAP

Filing of outgoing documents from SAP™

Documents created in SAP™ such as invoices or delivery notes can be automatically archived in JobArchive when they are created.

Linking of incoming documents

Incoming invoices can be archived in JobArchive and then automatically linked with a document in SAP™.

JobArchive Link SAP has the following features:

  1. Filing of a document via SAP™
  2. Link with an existing document SAP™
  3. Link with a document SAP™ via Barcode
JobRouter® workflow suite

JobRouter® is a flexible and independent workflow management system, automating any business process. The many interfaces of JobRouter® allow it to adapt to any existing system environment and to support document- and data-oriented processes. Since JobRouter® runs completely on web technology, cross-locational processes can be implemented, controlled and monitored. The JobRouter® basis can be adapted to the complexity of processes or a varying amount of users at any time via additional modules. Processes can also be used after changing the version without the need for adjustments.

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