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Paradise for researchers

What do crocodiles, toads and beaded lizards have that researchers would like to have? Peptides! Peptides are short chains of amino acids that, for example, are found in the animals’ saliva or other glandular secretions. These and other protein building blocks that appear in nature can be synthetically constructed by peptide synthesis. That is why every single day, wish lists from scientists all over the world arrive at Iris Biotech GmbH, which is specialised in the raw materials for peptide synthesis. Since 2015, the JobRouter® workflow management system has simplified the reagent retail company’s complex goods receiving process.

Scientists always need new substances to research therapies and to manufacture medicines. Especially in organic chemistry, these come from the most exotic corners of the world. The search for the appropriate materials with the right quality and in the necessary quantity is complicated, as is sales and import. Research institutes, university laboratories and companies’ own research and development departments in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries therefore count on specialised dealers like Iris Biotech in Marktredwitz, in Upper Franconia. The life science dealer has more than 6,000 reagents in its assortment, from just a few grams up to several kilos; the vast majority are unusual amino acids that are important building blocks for the development of medicinal products or the transport of medication in the human body. These so-called building blocks are also sought after for medications, vaccinations and antibiotics and are studied and utilised in the fight against diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, among other things.

“Looked for a solution that fits many interfaces that also supports quality management for a long time”

The check of incoming goods is just as complex as the topic itself, because substances that are toxic or deadly must be extensively documented in a traceable way and accompanied by analysis certificates, most of which are mandatory. For a long time and in every direction, Managing Director Steffen Tropitzsch looked for a software solution that is absolutely secure yet flexible at the same time in order to digitalise the majority of the manual incoming goods process. In 2015, he found it – right on his doorstep.

Success Story / Iris Biotech GmbH / Electronic goods receipt

Saved an hour a day from the very beginning

The Marktredwitz-based IT software and system company ProComp presented the JobRouter® workflow management system to Tropitzsch. The process was running within two months: “We had a really good feeling when we heard that Fresenius also implements JobRouter®. The system was set up on a Wednesday, we were already working with it on Thursday and on Friday we figured out that we were immediately saving a lot of time”, remembers Steffen Tropitzsch.

When creating the three-page receiving reports alone, the savings were an entire hour a day! Because the process, which sounds like it is just looking – unpacking – marking off – transferring, is a very time-consuming process in the regulated industry: first, order data are compared with the goods delivered. This takes place for every individual item in a delivery and is now taken care of by the receiving report, which is automatically started in JobRouter®. It accesses the ERP BüroWARE system on a detour via a database. Even before the parcel is opened, the employee responsible knows what analysis certificates she should find in it. The pre-determined transport temperature, batch number, quantity, supplier header data and much more are listed in the document. Then, she examines the packaging, checks the temperature of the product that was delivered and determines whether the cold chain has been maintained.

“With JobRouter®, we can do things that were previously impossible”

Portrait von Steffen Tropitzsch, Geschäftsführer Iris Biotech

“The JobRouter® workflow management system paid for itself within nine months and, therefore, more quickly than we originally expected. One great benefit is the independence from a system. With it, one is completely free to define one’s own processes and adjust them according to needs. In addition, there is not just the possibility of getting data from extremely various systems, but one can also significantly reduce the sources of errors. That makes the daily work easier and also clearly supports us in sales. If you are active in an international environment, like we are, JobRouter® overcomes language barriers and shows the desired terminology in an appropriate way. You can work really well with that.”

Steffen Tropitzsch, Managing Director, Iris Biotech GmbH

After the examination of the incoming goods, the process is forwarded to quality control within JobRouter®. There, the incoming goods accrue in accordance with the batch and are processed piece by piece. After another check of various parameters, the Iris Biotech labels and analysis certificates are created. In order to be one hundred percent certain that they contain the correct data, they are transferred to another quality control employee via JobRouter® and examined by them.

Success Story / Iris Biotech GmbH / Electronic goods receipt

After the final approval by quality control – the process contains test criteria, documents and notes via JobRouter® – the incoming goods are automatically booked in the merchandise management system.

Tricky special symbols, clever alternatives

If, for example, a vial with a peptide is to be sent to a customer on the same day, it is relabelled and outfitted with all required parameters and certificates on stationery with the Iris Biotech logo. This step is also a sub-process in JobRouter®, that, due to chemical formulas and over 6,000 various articles, was somewhat complicated to solve. Instead of frittering around with endless programming, a shortcut was taken from existing Word documents. These are easily downloaded from the file server as blank templates, filled in with header data by JobRouter®, edited if necessary and then beamed to quality control along with the original certificate. Here, among other things, it is ensured that the customer as well as the supplier are qualified to work together as well as eligible to supply or entitled to receive it, and every customer ordering receives the batch that is explicitly intended for them. Before the merchandise starts its journey through the post, it undergoes a strict, final check in accordance with the “four-eye principle”.

Integrated offer timer

A Microsoft SQL database was also brought in to the IT landscape at Iris Biotech at the same time as JobRouter®. On the one hand, it expands the limits of the ERP system and, on the other hand, is an ideal playground for JobRouter®, in that it records and contains all data, with which the workflow management system makes day-to-day-work more efficient and pleasant.

Tropitzsch, who has a degree in business administration, raves about the new overview of special offers because substances that are only very hard to get must be requested manually and handled outside the web shop. “We used to list our offers in an incredibly long and complex Excel spreadsheet that no two employees could not work in at the same time. Now we develop these offers via JobRouter® in a very smart and elegant way and have also transferred all of the old data to the database. Today, JobRouter® also reminds us to follow up if an offer does not lead to an order. With a few clicks, sales knows who has already requested the substance, the price at which it can be offered or has already been delivered. Therefore, the supplier doesn’t have to be asked for a bid again. The high level of responsiveness is also a benefit for our customers. With JobRouter®, we quickly and easily ensure that different buyers are given uniform and, therefore fair, prices.”

The benefits of electronic goods receipt with JobRouter®

  1. Makes significantly shorter processing times possible
  2. Increases efficiency through the elimination of paper reports
  3. Increases transparency; the current statuses are visible at all times
  4. Works with every interface and works independently of the system
  5. Is highly flexible and indefinitely scalable
  6. Simplifies the consequent use of quality management procedures and methods
  7. Is compatible with Industry 4.0
Success Story / Iris Biotech GmbH / Elektronischer Wareneingang

Project details

Customer: Iris Biotech GmbH
Industry: Life Science
Employees: 17
Processes: 4.000 / year
Database: Microsoft SQL, ERP BüroWARE
Project duration: Almost 2 months
Current processes: Goods Receipt, Audit Trail, Offer Management process
Planned: Update to JobRouter® 4.0, setup of a test system for future process development
Short profile Iris Biotech GmbH

Logo Iris Biotech GmbH

Iris Biotech GmbH was founded in 2001 in Marktredwitz, Upper Franconia with an original product range of 50 substances. Within15 years, it expanded into a portfolio with over 6,000 products that is still continuing to grow. The managing director of Iris Biotech, Steffen Tropitzsch, is from a business family specialised in reagents and is continuing the passion for the world of organic chemistry in the fourth generation. The main items in the business are reagents and application technologies for peptide synthesis, drug delivery systems and diagnostics. The customers for this company, which is active worldwide, come from more than 30 countries and are established in medical product research, institutes of higher education and research institutes. The trading house also takes over sales of newly-developed substances for start-ups and spin-offs. The core employees include doctorate-holding chemists and biochemists, chemical engineers, chemical technology assistants and employees with a commercial background, from the areas of transport and administration.

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