Success Story / IHI Charging Systems International (ICSI) / SAP auditing using JobRouter

Connecting Systems

The invoice verification is to be simplified

Incoming supplier invoices were previously scanned in by Accounts and sent to the relevant staff member by e-mail following a manual read-off of the order number, with a request for approval of the invoice. The employee then either responded directly to the e-mail and gave his approval in an e-mail, or printed out the invoice in order to sign it and e-mail it back to Accounts, who then in turn printed off the approval that had been given in order to clip it behind the invoice.

Not only did this procedure take up a lot of time, but it also created additional volumes of paper that required ever more filing space, since every invoice needed to be supplemented by an extra sheet stapled to it with the approval. Tracking invoices still requiring approval was also a labor-intensive process.

With a current volume of over 100 invoices per day, and with that figure rising, it quickly became clear that a professional solution needed to be found. Ideally, invoices should be booked in the same month they were received. Late processing and the mislaying of individual invoices were to be a thing of the past from now on. After having compared several systems, the company opted for the JobRouter® workflow management system.

The result: A slim and secure process

ProzessgrafikThe previous process operation was optimized further in some places, working together with Accounts, and was then subsequently mapped in JobRouter. This was followed by an extensive test phase, which occasionally threw up minor errors or scope for improvement. Lastly, the process was repeatedly refined and adapted to the company-specific requirements, until it finally switched to productive mode, since when it has been used intensively in the company.

Every invoice requires a cost center or a project number, which is manually posted by Accounts for the incoming invoices. This means choosing the General Ledger account or the cost center. The invoice is then scanned in. The bookkeeper can now open and post the scanned document in the SAP program. For as long as an invoice is not approved, it remains blocked for payment in SAP. This block is only lifted if the invoice has been approved.

Success Story / IHI Charging Systems International (ICSI) / SAP auditing using JobRouter

The personal task manager

Now the JobRouter® WfMS comes into play. Since each cost center is assigned to an employee with responsibility for it, JobRouter® knows which employee needs to be sent an e-mail, using the data entered during SAP invoice entry. The notification e-mail to the employee responsible for approval contains a message with instructions for approval, and a link which simultaneously opens the scanned invoice and the approvals screen. If the invoice is approved, the block on payment in SAP is removed automatically, so that this can now be settled with the next payment run. Should the employee not approve the invoice for particular reasons, he can forward it with a comment via JobRouter to another employee. This employee again has the choice of approving or rejecting the invoice. In the event of permanent refusing to give approval due to an error in the invoice, Accounts can be notified of this via an e-mail sent through JobRouter®.


  1. Control and transparency over all projects and process stages
  2. Timely processing using time monitoring
  3. Reduced throughput times
  4. Minimizing sources of error
  5. Improved process quality
  6. Reduced administrative effort
  7. Access from anywhere, using a web-based interface
  8. Greater supplier satisfaction
  9. Documentation and traceability of all activities
  10. Secure archiving and fast access to all documents


  1. Personal task manager
  2. Timely processing
  3. Increase in quality of work
  4. Minimizing sources of error
  5. Faster and easier processing
Success Story / IHI Charging Systems International (ICSI) / SAP auditing using JobRouter

Everyone profits

If an invoice is not processed in JobRouter, the designated employee is sent a reminder e-mail after a defined number of days, with a request for approval of the invoice. In the invoice awaiting approval is still not processing, Accounts is notified of this via e-mail.
This now eliminates the need for all the print-outs previously needed in various places.  Paper consumption has been significantly reduced, and the process throughput time noticeably shortened.

In addition, a History now allows for an overview of all accounts. This means that, with just a few clicks, it is possible to see which employee approved which invoice when, and which invoices are still open or were rejected. JobRouter automatically issues reminder and notification e-mails in good time, guaranteeing secure and speedy process management.

JobRouter® is thus enabling IHI Charging Systems International to process its invoices on time and professionally, ensuring transparent accounting and increasing corporate efficiency.

Since 2013, it is possible to access BAPIs directly from JobRouter® without any interface software. The JobSAP BAPI module is used for this.

Project details:

Customer: IHI Charging Systems International
Sector: Automotive supplier
Employees: Approx. 1.000
Users: All employees in Accounts, plus approx. 60 cost centers and project officers
Database: MS SQL
Special features: Decentralized company organization
Business processes: Incoming invoice check, internal ticket system
The company: IHI Charging Systems International GmbH

Logo IHI Charging Systems International IHI Charging Systems International was founded in 2001 as a German-Japanese joint venture by Daimler AG and the IHI Group. With branches in Heidelberg, Ichtershausen and Cernusco (Italy), IHI Charging Systems International (ICSI) specializes in the development, production and sale of ultra-efficient turbochargers. The company's customers include practically all car marques in the European motor industry, such as Daimler, VW, Audi, Skoda, BMW, Ferrari, and more.

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