Success Story / HELMA Eigenheimbau AG / Digital Construction File

Brick on brick – A digital HELMA construction file with JobRouter®

In case you ever tried to build a house, you can probably write a book about all the formalities you have to go through before you can even make the first cut of the spade: from financing, guarantees and securities to the necessary papers of a building request, which can reach from drawings and area maps to drainage requests. Without the support of a professional this is nearly impossible.
HELMA Eigenheimbau AG (roughly "building one's own home") is such a professional - specialized in the development, planning, distribution and building management of turnkey or partially turnkey one or two-family houses of solid building style. The company has the aim to simplify the process for the client for whom a building is being built - in all of Germany.

Reversed for HELMA Eigenheimbau AG this means: For about 400 realized building projects a year with on average 200 documents and processes, the company faces about 80,000 new documents each year. These documents do not just need to be archived but also need to start certain processes during the building planning and organization.

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Success Story / HELMA Eigenheimbau AG / Digital Construction File

With the digital construction file quicker to your own home

To reach a higher transparency over processes and shorten the time span between signing the contract and the house being handed over, the manager decided to introduce a digital construction file. The aim was not only the digitalization and archiving of relevant documents but also the control over all back office processes as well as simple online access to the centrally saved data.

The workflow management system JobRouter, a solution of the software manufacturer WJ&P in Mannheim, Germany, convinced with its total package. Not only the ability to integrate itself into every system environment and the unlimited scalability made the decision clear but especially the combination between a document management system for electronically controlling processes, managing documents and archiving them as securely stored files.

Clearing away the mountains of paper

A HELMA construction file is very extensive. During the building process, next to the documents relevant for authorization, all documents regarding financing, contract revision, planning and building process, invoices, reminders and the complete correspondence become part of the construction file.

HELMA imposes the same requirements for the digital construction file as it does with the paper-based counterpart. The difference and advantage compared to the paper-based file: It is no longer stored in a physical location but is centrally stored and the current version can be accessed by everyone who has access authorization. This avoids data redundancy and documents are protected from loss or unauthorized disclosure, which enhances the information security.

"JobRouter® is the ideal solution. It offers all components we expect a digital construction file to have: Web-based filing management, activity management for structured processing, postpone and reminder features, components for handling business correspondence, escalation management and much more. JobRouter® met all our expectations. A digital construction file allowed us to shorten throughput times, minimize sources of errors and enhance our productivity", summarizes Mr. Maerzke, director of the HELMA Eigenbau AG board the results of the JobRouter® implementation."

From contract revision to the dream house

The building project generally starts with the signed contract and ends with the handing over of the house. In between that there are several determined, terminated process steps, which trigger reoccurring decision possibilities. Based on the HELMA business processes an automated process, which includes and controls all stations of a building process - from the contract verification over planning to implementation, was developed.

After the digital construction file has been created, all incoming documents – such as the contract – are scanned, captured and assigned to customer numbers in the central mail room. After capturing the data the person responsible receives a document to check. With a mouse click the user can now judge the process by using standardized, in the JobRouter process defined possibilities to react.

In case the person approves the step, the project data will be taken and stored. Additionally the responsible site manager will have access to the data from this point in time.

Success Story / HELMA Eigenheimbau AG / Digital Construction File

Planning security

Efficient planning is vital when it comes to building. It is the biggest part of the building project and involves many departments. At HELMA next to the head of the planning department, the construction draughtsman and the site supervisor as well as the accounting department, the secretariat and the HR are significantly involved.

With so many people involved it is extremely important that the following processes are only started when the predecessor meets certain work status criteria. The workflow management system JobRouter guarantees that the process control is executed automatically and in time according to certain set rules. Additionally JobRouter offers a crucial advantage compared to the conventional file process: The "station" of the file and its current status can be tracked by the site manager at any time. JobRouter informs the accounting department e.g. about a new invoice as soon as a section is completed.

The completely electronic availability of the construction file from each work station significantly enhances the capability of giving information on the status and results. The documentation of all process milestones and people involved in the process secures the accountabilities of decision processes.

Faster decision processes

In order to react to unpredictable situations or to judge completed building projects objectively a detailed analysis is needed - at any time. The basis for this analysis is a project master data database. This includes all information and numbers concerning each building project. JobRouter® generates the data automatically from the contract revision and planning process and writes all information regarding the project details, involved people and milestones into the database. Based on this data the management or the site supervisor can generate relevant statistics and analysis. This includes the reports on planned projects, status lists as well as balance sheets. With JobRouter® the employees have access to the important process master data at any time in order to be able to assess the further approach, start long-term planning and avoid escalations.

Success Story / HELMA Eigenheimbau AG / Digital Construction File

Shorten throughput times – enhance productivity

Building processes become more complex. With the digital construction file based on JobRouter, HELMA Eigenheimbau AG managed to optimize their work processes - between 300 and 400 processes daily - enhanced productivity and therefore made building even more attractive for its customers.

Company profile HELMA

Logo der HELMA Eigenheimbau AGFor over three decades, HELMA Eigenheimbau AG has been building customized solid houses with guaranteed fixed prices and construction time guaranties. The focus of HELMA is on the development, the planning, the sale as well as construction management of customized turn-key or partially turn-key one or two-family solid houses With convincing and sustainable energy concepts, the company managed to establish itself as the leading supplier of solar low-energy houses and is one of the most experienced and successful companies of the solid construction sector with several thousands of build homes.

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