Success Story / Euromaster GmbH / Processing of investment requests

Finally by-the-book and controlled

The initial situation

If an employee of Euromaster wished to send an investment request, he had to fill in a paper form and send it per post to the headquarters. Additionally, the process owners had no overview over which requests are still open, which are already approved but not ordered or at which employee the process got stuck. Also, the approval rules were not known to everyone involved in the process, in some cases leading to drawn-out approval processes. Due to the lack of control and transparency, the company had to struggle with long throughput times.

The challenge

Especially in large, decentralized companies such as Euromaster with many locations, it is necessary to keep an overview. Investment requests have to be filled in completely, reach the right post to be approved, completed in time and all further actions have to be started. Requests in paper form carry the risk to be lost on a desk. Often much time is lost here. Additional, the overview over where which requests are, and in which state of processing they are, is missing. Due to this, Euromaster decided on JobRouter®, the workflow management system that is to bring control and transparency to the company.

Portrait Jennifer Becker«JobRouter® is a workflow system with unlimited possibilities, yet it is still very easy to use. This is why we implement all process ideas ourselves and why we are able to react fast and make changes. »

Quotation Jennifer Becker (Application developer at Euromaster)

The implementation

The project was implemented in-house by Euromaster and thanks to being easy to use for the employees it was introduced with nominal training effort.

Success Story / Euromaster GmbH / Processing of investment requests

The result

The investment form is now filled in online in JobRouter® by the employee. To make it as easy as possible for the user, he can access existing data and, for example, view the investment goods including their prices. An inventory number is automatically generated already during the request. As soon as the form is filled and passed to the system, it is forwarded to the inbox of the respective department. There, the investment good will be checked and verified to ensure it meets the strategic guidelines.

How many instances a request has to pass depends on the total amount. Because for every individual user, there are approval limits and respectively authorized interaction or processing activities. After the final approval, the department automatically receives the assignment to order.

Through process security and transparency, the investment requests are forwarded on the shortest path through the company and while the correct procedure is guaranteed. The resulting effectiveness and efficiency in the process saves time as well as costs and keeps the organization slim. With it, the company implements a consequent lean management.


  1. Full transparency over the respective state of the request
  2. A consequent rule set is implemented based on set approval limits and ensures only authorized approvals
  3. The overview over all investments allows optimal control and management over the annual budget
  4. highest possible process flexibility due to a pragmatic handling by JobRouter®
The company

Logo Euromaster GmbHThe origins of Euromaster date back to the year 1919. After multiple name changes and mergers today's company came about in 2003: Market leading expert in Germany as well as in Europe in the tires, wheels and service sector. Furthermore, Euromaster is a 100 percent subsidiary of the Michelin group. Next to Germany, Euromaster is represented in 14 additional European countries by more than 1,900 service centers and around 11,500 employees and sells approx. 10 million tires to more than 4.5 million customers.Commercial and private customers have access to an extensive network of service centers supplemented by mobile breakdown vans. Germany's largest service team for commercial vehicles also takes care of the fleet business and offers excellent support using central key account management. With its German headquarters in Kaiserslautern, Euromaster is represented by currently 300 own service centers and 15 franchise partners.

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