Success Story / DMG Dental / Application management using JobRouter®

Keep Smiling

Employer branding is on everyone’s lips. At least with companies who prefer to run attractive personnel marketing instead of moaning about the skills shortage. The expanding Hamburg dental material company DMG presents itself as a modern employer brand using YouTube videos and a professional applicant portal via JobRouter®.

An attractive appearance is an advantage for both sides in the application and in fact advertising process. The same applies to candidates for jobs: beautiful teeth are not just healthier but according to studies they also help create more appeal in love and at work. Sparring partners for a radiant smile are dentists, whose check-up appointments make many people feel similarly uneasy to just before a job interview.

To take the fear out of visiting the dentist, DMG has been reaching innovative products for gentle treatment methods for more than 50 years now. One DMG product that can decisively improve dental health from infancy is called Icon® and is the world’s first treatment of caries without drilling. For top achievements like this you need the best people in research and development but also in sales and marketing. Skilled professionals who are highly coveted on the employment market.

Slow enough to make you grit your teeth: printed out emails

“The turnaround times were too long, you can’t get away with this any more nowadays,” IT Manager Martin Hüsgen remembers how applications were dealt with until spring 2014. Before the application process was digitalised the documents sent in by email often ended up in the printer and then embarked on an in-house journey in folders. The circulating of application documents by email was similarly unclear. Personnel and specialist departments wanted more clarity, transparent decision-making channels and an easier processing method. The Hamburg company has already known how workflows are designed using the graphic user interface from JobRouter® since the launch of electronic invoice processing the year before.

Success Story / DMG Dental / Application management using JobRouter®

“Workflows of wonderful simplicity”

So that no applicant slips through the net or, as at some other companies, has to laboriously type up all their CV’s qualifications and work experience, Human Resources and Hüsgen’s team agreed on a simple portal solution with very few input boxes and file upload. Confirmation of receipt should be triggered automatically.

Two days later the process was up and running: any incoming emails via the applicant portal on the DMG website end up in an inbox monitored by JobRouter®. The workflow management system converts each email into a file and places it in the Human Resources department’s electronic mail box. Unsuitable potential candidates are sifted out immediately in the first screening, one click and the rejection goes out. The good ones receive a link to the job description created in the system and end up in the responsible head of department’s inbox via JobRouter®. Tick the box and return to sender, i.e. the HR person. Using the tick on the screen – invitation, reserve or not interested, possibly also a comment in a text box, the HR person can see what is required. They choose a pre-written letter and personalise it by selecting the right statements. In the best case scenario the next hopeful colleague in the making is soon sitting smiling in their interview.


“We listen very carefully to our user’s ideas and suggestions and then implement their requirements as comprehensively as possible. We fine tune the project a bit, which the company is always really delighted with,” relates Hüsgen with a laugh. The fine-tuning includes new options, for example the resubmission date, which was added while it was running. Since then the workflow for application management has been running continuously well and according to Hüsgen the system has “yielded great speed and security”.

“I have been specialising in workflow management for 20 years and consider JobRouter® to be an outstanding mixture of technical possibilities and clarity. One major strength is that even users with no experience in programming can create a great deal themselves. That saves on resources. We have put together many interfaces that work really well for us, for example for the in the meantime more than 400,000 email files that JobRouter® passes on to the archiving system.

In the event of an error, JobRouter® shows me where the problem is. That’s very important. The next thing we are going to do in a change management process is to implement the complex issue of authorisation management via JobRouter®.”

Quote Martin Hüsgen, IT-Manager at DMG

Success Story / DMG Dental / Application management using JobRouter®

Outlook: Process development to phase out articles

Quality assurance: probing desirable

The dental specialists are currently optimising their quality assurance process, specifically, phasing out an article. The process at the end of a product life cycle is very complex with many departments involved. The complexity of the process already starts with the decision whether a product should be phased out and ends with the difficulty of ensuring a smooth flow of information within the company. Until now the analogue process was equipped with lots of “safety braces” which enabled us to stop the phasing out at any time. This led to the unreliable passing on of information to the departments involved and required processing times of weeks or even months. As a result, it was not possible to run through the process in a standardised way. However, the process should run more transparently and standardised with JobRouter. We can now say goodbye to lots of the complex “safety braces”. The Hamburg company wants to start the new process’ journey in September 2015 when a three-month test phase will begin where probing is literally desirable. It is certain to end, based on our previous experience with JobRouter®, with another thumbs up and smiley.

Von den vielen komplexen „Sicherheitshosenträgern“ kann man sich nun verabschieden. Im September 2015 haben die Hamburger den neuen Prozess auf die Reise gebracht und mit der dreimonatigen Testphase begonnen, bei der das sprichwörtliche Nachbohren erwünscht ist. Gewiss endet es - wie nach den bisherigen Erfahrungen mit JobRouter® auch - wieder mit Daumen hoch und einem Smiley.

I love working with JobRouter®!

“We started with the objective of creating a one hundred percent continuous flow of information when phasing out. In addition, we documented the process as flow diagrams in workshops together with representatives from the respective departments. Our next consideration was: how do we compile the decision-making channels and critical points into a JobRouter process? One of JobRouter AG’s sales partners is assisting us with the programming. For smaller projects, you don’t have to be a developer to realise them using the graphic user guidance. I think that's fantastic.”

Quote by Franziska Otto, quality management staff

A summary of the advantages of applicant management using JobRouter®

  1. Provides overview of selection processes and their status
  2. Suitable as an interface for electronic personnel files
  3. Allows for an infinite number of job profiles to be created, simple assignment
  4. Allows for the requirements profile to be automatically compared with applicant data
  5. Sends electronic rejections with two clicks, addresses invitations to interview at the press of a button
  6. Enables the archiving and resubmitting of interested candidate profiles
  7. Supports the human resources work with statistics and extracts, helps compliance with data privacy regulations
Success Story / DMG Dental / Application management using JobRouter®

Project details

Customer: DMG Dental-Material Gesellschaft mbH
Industry: Medical products
Employees: More than 300
Processes: 1500 processes / day (incl. email archiving)
Database: MS SQL server
Special features: Connection to SAP, d.3 document management, Active Directory
Project duration: 1 week for technical implementation, 3 months in total
Current modules: JobStart, JobSelect, JobTimer, JobTable, JobSub, JobPDF
Current processes: Auditing, email processing and archiving, QM: audit monitoring, phasing out articles (in development), IT authorisations
Planned: IT change management processes
Brief profile of DMG Dental-Material Gesellschaft mbH

Logo DMGDMG develops and produces dental material for a whole variety of applications, e.g. highly aesthetic temporary restorations, micro-invasive treatments and precise mouldings at its Hamburg location. Its customers include dentists and laboratories in more than 80 countries. The family-run company founded in 1963 is managed by the second generation of Dr. Wolfgang Mühlbauer together with Susanne Stegen, responsible for sales, marketing and personnel. Roughly 20 percent of the more than 300 employees work in R&D, DMG also supports dental research at universities. It was the first company in the dental industry to be ISO-certified in 1995. In 2010 WirtschaftsWoche, Accenture, ENBW and Evonik awarded DMG with the German Innovation Award in the SME category for the development of the Icon® caries infiltrant.

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