Success Story / JobPDF / Camel post 2.0

Camel post 2.0

If one dares to compare the travel time of mail between - let's say Baghdad and Damascus in 1881 - and two people with an email account today, one arrives at the notable difference of 14 days. Because back then, camel post took that long. Astonishingly, the in-house mail system of large companies and institutions reaches similar delivery times as the camel post or proverbial snail mail. Shorter throughput-times were just one criterion of a renowned college that relies on JobPDF as contemporary means of transportation.

Eight faculties, more than 15,000 students and around a dozen research institutes: A college of this size processes, manages and archives a nearly unimaginable amount of documents and data. Many administrative processes repeat themselves, such as requests for third-party funded projects. For colleges and research as well as the research location Germany altogether, they are of fundamental importance. The request is moved internally through a multistage examination and approval process. The researchers use guides to handle the complex procedure or are supported by special departments.

Since 2014, the third-party funds process is managed by the Workflow Management System JobRouter®. Goal: It has to be faster, securer, more accurate and in the end, successful. The principle is simple: All process steps - the formal and textual ones - are first processed purely electronically.

Success Story / JobPDF / Camel post 2.0

Because the system helps calculating and compiling the data, researchers can focus on the project description. If everything is examined and approved internally, the JobPDF module generates the third-party funds request in the used paper form, allowing it to be sent per post.

Numerous processes in the personnel administration prove themselves to be more economical, more resource-efficient and faster. By now, many of them are completely paper-free. The registration of new employees is handled in a paper-saving way. The registration document released by JobPDF will be sent to the new employee by email. He then signs it and sends it back to the college, where it is scanned and archived using its barcode.

To get back to the animal comparison: JobPDF transports documents and data as reliable over long or short distances through the data wastes as a ship of the desert goods through the Sahara. Similar to camels playing a key role in the discovery of new territories, JobPDF proves itself in as a key tool in the administration. Any number of templates allow the PDFs to look the same as one is used from the old paper forms - or even better, as they can always be adjusted to the respective task. For the purely electronic use of PDFs, they can be enriched by moving images, interactive links and navigation helps, features that are lost during print. Tapping the full potential of the digital possibilities of PDF and JobPDF is subject to a learning process, too.

This ends our analogy. It took a handful of decades until telegraphs and other means of transportation replaced the camel post. Whereas our college digitalizes successively more administrative processes very successfully and quickly and is pleased every day with the cost-saving reductions in the throughput-times, the paper consumption, the personnel costs and the archiving.

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