Success Story / Arkil Holding GmbH / Invoice auditing with JobMind Bau and JobMind Head

Construction projects in the Viking city

Five manufacturing companies, electronic invoice verification with the JobRouter module JobMind Bau and many plans for smoothly digitized company processes. Everything could be so great for the Schleswiger Asphaltsplitt-Werke GmbH & Co. KG (SAW) – if an elementary infrastructure detail would not be missing in the Viking city Schleswig: fast Internet.

Slowness-time meets workflow management

For tourism experts of the Baltic coast region Schlei the invitation to “slowness-time” is a memorable slogan. But for Arkil Holdin GmbH´s project controller Andreas Tusch the forced deceleration is a problem – as well as for his colleges at the construction yard nearby and for the compounding plant in Jagel, 11 km away. Because “slowness-time” also applies to the internet connection between the central office and other subsidiaries of Arkil Holding. SAW is part of Danish Arkil Holding. That’s why the associated company ASA Bau GmbH in Greifswald is still not integrated in the web-based JobRouter digitization platform.

Baustelle der SAW

What makes the matter urgent: The administrative maintenance of the whole Arkil Group Germany is handled by the largest business segment, the SAW. And there the introduction of JobRouter with its special module for the construction industry, JobMind Bau, is already a success! At least: Telekom began in February 2017 with delivering broadband access for Schleswig and the surrounding municipalities. Completion time: three years. This gives some cause for optimism.

Green light for JobMind Bau

Andreas Tusch was initially looking for a document management system at the CeBIT. “We now have a digitization platform and do not move receipts back and forth, but manage processes. We owe this to the JobRouter partner L und M Büroinformationssysteme GmbH from Flintbek. They were the only one, who could demonstrate the JobRouter module JobMind Bau, where invoice verification and modification really works. That was something we could trust.”

Success Story / Arkil Holding GmbH / Invoice auditing with JobMind Bau and JobMind Head

Other decision criteria for the SAW management were:

  • Complete digital invoice handling up to registration
  • Better exploitation of discounts
  • 100% transparency and traceability of the invoice status

One solution for all subsidiaries

“The workflow is the same in the whole company”, the industrial engineer says. That’s why the responsible people decided to start with the largest business segment right away. “If we can build up the whole workflow at once, we can manage all clients together with our five compounding plants.”

A year and a half later, Andreas Tusch is enthusiastic about the fact that “everything entering in the front is coming out at the back in Microsoft Dynamics NAVISION” and can be automatically registered. He acknowledges with appreciation that JobMind Bau is creating and sending corrective invoices for the supplier automatically, which makes credit notes redundant.

“The system is brilliant. We have been working with it for one year now and even at the first annual accounts everything worked out perfectly. Auditors and accounting advisers can follow every process excellently.”

The process digitization challenge

We had to go a difficult road to get there. If you want to transfer processes that have been established for 20 years in an electronic system, then you have to establish the so called construction site the other way round: It is not so much a question of transferring analog processes into digital ones, but it is a question of relations and references. With intensive support from L und M a matrix was created, depicting the workflow process in the company. Who is allowed to do what and when? At which spot do you have to build junctions into one-way-roads to enable additional coordination processes? When does a roundabout make sense, to return tasks to a college for further editing? How is it possible to bypass the normal road via the cost center to target a supervisor directly for an invoice release?

Detours to the target

The site manager and the colleges from the accounting department had to train in process orientation, Andreas Tusch summarizes. “The goal was to integrate all colleges int the process right from the beginning on one hand and to exclude unhelpful individual working habits and requests as early as possible on the other hand. Otherwise one gets bogged down in small structures and ends up with twice as much registers in the digital construction file as before. The design of dialog windows or access of rights can also escalate, if executed according to analog established rights.” In this case the review of the road followed by another acceleration helped to pull the handbrake – with patient programming people in house and the supervising JobRouter partner L und M. Compared to this the Interface connection with Microsoft Dynamics was a trifle.

Success Story / Arkil Holding GmbH / Invoice auditing with JobMind Bau and JobMind Head

Construction progress in the system

April 2015: Processes are worked through in team workshops with the JobRouter partner L und M and first receipts are processed via a JobRouter test version.

February 2016: A new OCR scanner is established in the head office in Schleswig. With immediate effect all incoming invoices are scanned centrally. The JobMind Head module reads the header data of each invoice. The JobMind Bau module enters each single invoice position and provides them to the site managers for further editing. In the background a permanent invoice correction is performed, of course, according to the value added tax act.

March 2016: The whole invoice verification conversion is implemented at SAW in Schleswig. All employees are working with JobRouter and the two modules specifically created for the complex invoice verification processes of the construction industry.

“Thanks to the automated calculations at SAW via JobRouter 80% of the invoices are fully automatically registered through the ERP system. Our bookkeeping does not need to change anything. Not only the management but also the employees are looking forward to the update to JobRouter 4.0! Then everybody will be able to use JobRouter right on the starting page. And every employee will have his personal calendar next to the long-term appointment calendar of the company, together with a task list in one corner, displaying for example, which invoices require his attention next.”

Quotation: Andreas Tusch, project controller Arkil Holding GmbH

“Develop a taste during the meal”

It has become evident that all constriction secretariats will profit from the fast internet. Actually, the SAW branch office in Kiel has gained access to the new processes. ASA Bau in Greifswald will get access to the JobRouter Cloud in Q2/2018 with 50 Mbps. Soon, the employees on the construction sites will be able to upload pictures right on the spot, which will get assigned to the digital construction file and saved in an own archive in JobRouter. The fixed assets accounting will also be depicted in the JobRouter process. Andreas Tusch is considering the future already: he thinks about a vacation process, the reorganization of the document filing via JobRouter and the driver license control process. “The taste is developed during the meal. With the JobRouter AG license system for mid-size companies we can make a difference. The price is very appealing to us, even in comparison with other software manufacturers.”

Success Story / Arkil Holding GmbH / Invoice auditing with JobMind Bau and JobMind Head

The advantages of invoice verification via JobMind Bau and JobMind Head

  1. JobMind Head reads the header data of invoices
  2. JobMind Bau enables invoice correction according to the VAT act
  3. Reads invoices on position level and enables notes and modifications directly at the screen
  4. Supports the parallel browsing of attachments on a second viewer
  5. Automatically calculates the corrected invoice sums, positions, values and carry-overs anew
  6. Enables manual intervention and correction through the responsible people, the site managers and other entitled persons
  7. Automatically creates and exports a corrected version of the invoice

Project details

Client: SAW Schleswiger Asphaltsplitt-Werke GmbH & Co. KG / Arkil Holding GmbH
Industry: Road construction, civil engineering and asphalt production
Employees: 220
Processes: 25,000 processes per year
Database: ERP system Microsoft Dynamics
Special features: Correction display on a 2nd monitor in JMB with subsequent archiving in JobRouter
Project duration: 1 year
Ongoing processes: Invoice verification, central archive
Planned processes: Digital constructions file, vacation process, driving license process, personnel file
Short profile of SAW Schleswiger Asphaltsplitt-Werke

Logo SAW Schleswiger Asphaltsplitt-Werke The Schleswiger Asphaltsplitt-Werke GmbH & Co. KG is a company seated in Schleswig and operating in the sectors road construction, asphalt road construction, civil engineering and canal construction. It was built in 1956 by the Dane Consul Ove Arkil. Two years later, Werner Schwarz, native of Schleswig, acquired the company and was its manager till 1984. SAW had own compounding plants in Jagel and Kiel and manufactured construction material, based on 200 asphalt recipes, for construction projects in Schleswig-Holstein. Principals are communities, federal states, the federal state and companies from the private sector. Since 1987 the listed building property called Fürsens Hof, which was built in the 17. century, is the head office of SAW. SAW has a 50% interest in the ASA-Bau GmbH in Greifswald, a road construction company with four subsidiaries. SAW and ASA-Bau are majority owned by the German Akril Holding GmbH. The Arkil Holding GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of the Danish listed corporation Arkil Holding A/S.

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