Success Story / JobArchive / An elephant's memory

An elephant's memory

Elephants never forget. They are able to memorize the location of vital water sources in a mental memory map. Thanks to this reliable way to find the sources again, even after many years, elephants manage to survive. During day-to-day business, digital storage such as JobArchive is responsible for the "elephant memory" of a company. A heavy weight report on process oriented thinking and the relocation of around half a million documents.

Measured by an elephants life expectancy - they can reach around 90 years in the wild - , the reference company, an ICT specialist in southern Germany, has only reached the half-time mark. The successful mid-sized company grows continuously and owns multiple offices around Germany. When the employee count nears 500, it is time to rearrange the internal processes. The powerful Workflow Management System JobRouter® is chosen.

Scalable, universal, ISO compliant

Thee good reasons are the decisive factor. First, the Workflow Management System has to be scalable for further growth. Second, it has to be ensured that the processes meet the certified requirements of the business divisions. Third, the existing diverse system environment, made out of databases, intranet, ERP systems, office programs and an existing archive, is to be standardized. No problem for the Workflow Management System JobRouter®.

Success Story / JobArchive / An elephant's memory

As a central and universal interface, it processes data and documents in such an efficient way that employees prefer to work with the self-explanatory JobRouter® input mask than the ERP.

Time and money saved

Review: Before the storage, there is the inbox. Every work day, hundreds of invoices have to be processed in the company. The employees learn to rethink the incoming invoice process. In the first step, established process flows are identified and split into process steps and standardized. The workflow is designed as a roadmap in the graphical Workflow Designer. First success: The slim process allows making timely use of prompt payment discounts. Inspired by those results, more processes are optimized and accelerated, such as the request management, working time corrections, the approval for financial transactions by management, the vacation process and complex processes in the reports and quality management.

All's well that ends well.

While the Workflow Management System JobRouter® is storing all documents audit-proof in the electronic archive, hundred-thousands of old files are waiting to be moved to the new JobArchive. The migration can as well be split in system steps and thus be performed safely. At the same time, legacy is removed - thanks to cognitive capacity: Same as elephants recognize themselves in a mirror, JobArchive recognizes duplicates - even across archives.

That this comparison with an elephant memory is not falling short can also be seen in these intelligent features: JobArchive memorizes everything and can be divided in any number of "memory drawers" in the form of archives and version numbers. JobArchive forgets nothing, if deleting archived documents is prohibited in the settings. Every subsequent change to documents and data can be reproduced audit-proof. The best prerequisites for the prospering ICT company to persist in the second half - measured in elephant's years.

JobRouter® is a flexible and independent platform for digital company transformation, to digitalize and automate optional company processes, data and documents. Thanks to the wide range of agile interfaces JobRouter can be adapted to any existing system environment to support document and data specific processes. Additionally, JobRouter is working completely web-based and is available as On-Premise and Cloud solution. So it is possible to display, manage and monitor even cross-location processes. The JobRouter platform can be extended any time with additional modules, if changes in the business environment or additional processes or applications make it necessary. They won’t get lost during a change of versions and can be used without the need for further adaptations.

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