Good to know / Agile Document Management with JobRouter

A comprehensive solution for document and workflow management

Business processes and document management inevitably belong together, as every document usually has a corresponding business process. JobRouter has been standing by your side as a powerful workflow management system for the creation and processing of your processes for years. During that time the JobRouter Suite was constantly expanded, and we are now able to offer you a complete solution for your documents. We call this agile document management!

Interesting facts on workflow management // Agile document management with JobRouter®

At the center is the JobRouter application itself

At the center is the JobRouter application itself, it is responsible for everything concerning the workflow. By now, there is a wide array of options surrounding the general workflow to handle your daily documents. You are able to constantly adjust them according to your company’s requirements during the entire course of a process.

JobRouter allows you to model all areas of document management. Starting with input management you can automatically import invoices and receipts from directories and email accounts into JobRouter processes using the JobStart module.

Those documents can be divided, merged or converted into other common formats as required using the JobPDF module during the following steps of the process. Afterwards you can use your process to store the documents with corresponding index data in the JobRouter archive (JobArchive module). Of course, documents can be searched using matching terms at any time by employees, based on their individual rights, and displayed in the viewer component JobViewer.

JobRouter - for an integrated document management

JobRouter can get considerably more out of your documents! Because where enterprise content management (ECM) reaches its limit in the world of structured data, JobRouter processes allow you to take on the whole world of structured data. This is shown, for example, with the JobRouter module JobMind.

JobMind allows extracting the whole line item data of an invoice and transferring it to the corresponding sub table without the need for external invoice recognition software.


In the construction sector it is common to change line item data on invoices by hand. In JobRouter it is possible to use the integrated viewer to directly and comfortably make changes digitally on the invoice. JobMind automatically calculates the new amounts and returns them to the corresponding process.

Interesting facts on workflow management // Agile document management with JobRouter®

Data integration with other applications

The JobRouter interfaces allow data integration with other applications in your company. You can include ERP systems like SAP or different CRM systems in your processes and integrate the appropriate data in JobRouter in any way you want. After processing the data, it is possible to write it back into the respective systems.

Output-Management with JobRouter®

Eventually you do not have only incoming documents in your processes. With JobRouter you are able to handle the whole output management part. The JobPDFCreator module allows you to design your own PDF files made from the collected process data, allowing you to create, for example, your outgoing invoices complete with logo and much more.

The documents can be send per email or printed on different network printers, fully automatically. You can of course store the newly generated documents in the JobRouter archive.

With JobRouter you have an integrated solution for the modeling of your processes with a graphical user interface and a clear license model. Additionally, you have a perfect interweaving of your documents in the input and output management, where you can model the exact procedure and actions for your individual documents in a process oriented way.

Interesting facts on workflow management // Agile document management with JobRouter®

Solution components for the realization of agile document management

These functions are available to you in the JobRouter suite to realize agile document management:


  1. Input management (JobStart)
  2. Invoice recognition (JobMind)
  3. Data integration (JobSAP)
  4. Invoice generation (JobPDFCreator)
  5. Output management (JobRobot)
  6. Archiving (JobArchive)

JobRouter® is a flexible and independent platform for digital company transformation, to digitalize and automate optional company processes, data and documents. Thanks to the wide range of agile interfaces JobRouter can be adapted to any existing system environment to support document and data specific processes. Additionally, JobRouter is working completely web-based and is available as On-Premise and Cloud solution. So it is possible to display, manage and monitor even cross-location processes. The JobRouter platform can be extended any time with additional modules, if changes in the business environment or additional processes or applications make it necessary. They won’t get lost during a change of versions and can be used without the need for further adaptations.

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